About us

At the Silver Naga hotel, we aim to create memorable and ethical travel experiences for our guests. Our management team is committed to nurturing employees to reach their potential, investing in the local economy, and making choices wherever possible to protect the environment.

Our name, Silver Naga, refers to a water serpent in Lao mythology, believed to protect the rivers and land of Laos. It embodies our focus on the environment and ethical tourism.  We aim to make your stay at our hotel relaxed and comfortable by offering luxury amenities, excellent service and warm hospitality.

Ethical tourism

What we do – Staff

  • We pride ourselves on being a fair pay and equal opportunity employer. We actively recruit from Vang Vieng and surrounding rural areas, to help keep income in the local community.
  • We are committed to staff development and continually work with staff to help their career progression.
  • We encourage all staff to continue their schooling and education. We do everything we can to ensure staff attend school, have time study time required for exams and seek ongoing opportunities.
  • We offer a paid maternity leave scheme, with a back to work program for staff who are new mothers.
  • We reward staff loyalty with a yearly scheme.

What we do – Environment

  • Our hot water system is solar powered
  • We offer filtered drinking water in reception to refill and reuse water bottles to reduce plastic consumption.
  • We refill the in-room soap and shampoo bottles to reduce our dependence on plastic.
  • For guests staying more than one night, we launder sheets and towels every three days or when requested rather than daily.
  • Buying local food not only reduces out carbon footprint but also helps stimulate the local economy.

What we do – Local economy

  • To ensure that the tourist dollar flows through to the community of Vang Vieng, we choose products and services owned by local businesses, wherever possible. For products that are not made in Vang Vieng, we try to sourceLao and fair trade products.
  • We are committed to buying fresh food that is locally grown, often by people living in nearby villages. By promoting local Lao food we are generating demand for produce that is grown predominantly by women.
  • We proudly stock a range of natural, artisanal bathroom products created exclusively for the Silver Naga by Les Artisans Lao in Vientiane.
  • During the construction of the Silver Naga hotel we sourced local Lao labourers to provide jobs for the local community rather than migrant workers.
  • The Silver Naga features hundreds of pieces of furniture handcrafted on-site by local artisans.
  • Silk pillows in our rooms and suites are handwoven and coloured with natural dyes by local village artisans from Saoban.
  • We buy basketware from local handicraft producers. If you are up early in the morning, you may see local women coming to sell produce directly to us.
  • We have paddy land across the river and grow our own delicious organic sticky rice. Try some!
  • We refer our guests to local tour companies who use local guides and avoid local corruption schemes as much as possible.
  • The tours we recommend that operate in local villages provide percentage of the tour fee back to the village and make a direct payment to participating families.